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Sat., April 29 @ 6:30 pm

Temple Baptist Church

5 Bond St., Yarmouth

Donations for the Tri-County Pregnancy Care Centre are welcomed at the door!

God bless!

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We help women prepare hospital bags for labour, and we delivery "baby showers" in a bag to celebrate our clients' newborns.

Perhaps your church or organization would like to gather baby needs but don't know where to start?

Here's a list of exactly what we need, as of Feb 23, 2023:

  • ONESIES, preemie & newborn sizes only

  • SLEEPERS, all sizes (preemie to 6 mo.)

  • OUTFITS, all sizes (preemie to 6 mo.)

Travel-sized, non-perfumed items

● regular shampoo

● baby shampoo

● unscented body wash

● baby soap

● toothpaste

● Vaseline and/or diaper cream (e.g., Penaten)

Regular-sized, non-perfumed items

● Vaseline and/or diaper cream (e.g., Penaten)

● baby soap

● newborn & preemie diapers (no other sizes needed at this time)

● receiving blankets

● pens, for writing

Bonus items

  • nasal aspirators

  • thermometers

  • rattles

  • brush & comb sets

  • teething rings

  • lip balm

  • ladies slippers

  • rubber duckies!

We deeply appreciate your help!

God bless you.

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Join us Jan. 24 @ 6pm @ the Yarmouth Public Library to meet a doula & ask all your questions! God bless.

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