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Think You're Pregnant?

You're Not Alone!

Our Services Are Free & Confidential

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can be confusing and overwhelming, even if you have a strong network of support around you. It gets even harder when you are alone. We are here to listen. We are available to discuss and provide you with accurate information on all your options—adoption, parenting, and abortion—in a caring, respectful environment.

We do not provide abortifacients or abortion referrals

 Option Support

 We provide accurate information and help in a safe, non-judgmental environment so you can sort through your thoughts, feelings and questions about an unexpected pregnancy.

 Education Services

We offer a variety of individual and group sessions, including Prenatal, Parenting, Relationship, and Life Skills Education to help you fulfill short and long-term goals.

 Practical Resources

We help connect you to community and professional supports and offer material supports, which include, but are not limited to, diapers, formula, baby clothes and equipment​.

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 Post-Abortion Recovery

Working through your emotions following an abortion can be difficult, and unfortunately, this is a unique loss and not often spoken about. We offer hope and a safe place to process the grief of a pregnancy loss.

You Were Made Special and with Amazing Potential

Ps. 139:13–16

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